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Bossman Dlow recruits Glorilla for a fire new Remix to "Finesse"

BossMan Dlow and GloRilla are teaming up for the first time at the right time. Both artists from the East side are popping off right now thanks to two hit singles. For the Port Salerno, Florida native, he is riding on the success of "Get In With Me," which is ranking millions upon millions of plays across all platforms. The Memphis femcee is giving everyone a sense of confidence with "Yeah Glo!" Now, BossMan Dlow and GloRilla are taking their respective sounds and combining them on "Finesse (Remix)."

"Finesse (Remix)" keeps the same instrumental, chorus and lone verse from BossMan. However, GloRilla's verse adds another 1:03 to the runtime. Hilariously, Glo makes a reference to her celibacy experiment she was starting 2024 off with as a New Year's resolution. Overall, this is another memorable track in Dlow's growing discography as he sports another unique flow on this one. Expect it to go viral one way or another.


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