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SHIREA's "Wanna Be Noticed" is a certified BOP

If you're searching for a deeper, more nuanced musical experience, look no further than Shirea and his latest track "Wanna Be Noticed". In a genre often characterized by bravado and bluster, Shirea's unique approach is a breath of fresh air. Relying on the fantastic Luzity production, the NJ MC is at home laying a barrage of well measured bars. Do yourself a favour: give your mind permission to be moved by the quiet power of his understated brilliance.

"Wanna Be Noticed" is not a song that demands attention—it's a quiet invitation to introspection, a gentle reminder to pause and reflect on the dreams that stir within us all. It's a soundtrack for those quiet moments of self-reflection, when the weight of the world feels too heavy to bear and all we can do is listen—to the music, to ourselves, and to each other. Certainly great hip-hop that belongs in your essential playlists. Out Now Worldwide.


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