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VIRALBOP talks to Multi-Talented Montreal Artist Mari-Ève

Fresh off a blistering Remix by THE HOLY for her track YOHJI, She's got a Unique take on Creativity & Life

Francophone artist Mari-Ève is a singer, songwriter and fashion designer from Montreal. She began her career as a model, travelling and appearing on magazine covers & on international billboards. At 18, after graduating in Fashion Marketing, she completed an internship

in public relations at the CHANEL Canada head office and assisted the fashion editor for FASHION Magazine in Toronto. Her passion for music drove her to pursue her first love, being her career as a singer.

A true Multi-Hyphen, she is the president and founder of the company 3-Dimensional, a collaborative brand creating clothing and accessories in three dimensions with different technologies. Its aesthetic quickly attracted industry pioneers including hip-hop legends RUN DMC and several international artists like Director X, ASAP Ferg, Sofi Tukker and many others creating custom 3D jackets.

VRALBOP: What keeps you inspired? Mari-Ève: There’s a scene in The September Issue documentary where Grace Coddington whilst in a cab in Paris mentions that she always keeps her eyes open and stays awake during car rides. This way, she makes sure to always be inspired by everything around her. That was years ago and it stuck with me ever since.

VIRALBOP: What was it like for you growing up and how did it influence your dreams of becoming an influential artist?

Mari-Ève: I’ve always been the ‘’weird’’ kid growing up. From the way I dressed up, to my interests; i was an introvert immersed in my hobbies. This sharpened as I grew up. Even as a kid, i knew who i was, and the artist I wanted to become; and nothing could stop me. That is the same confidence I’m hoping to inspire and share. Be yourself and trust your ‘’crazy ideas’’. VIRALBOP: Everyone's reality is unique but how does your reality give you the influence in the arts scene that you have? Mari-Ève: I can only hope to one day be considered an influential artist. That is up to my fans and my peers. I cannot control how my art is received. My only reality is to inspire confidence in believing in your own ideas.

VIRALBOP: At 18 you interned at public relations for CHANEL, tell us about that. What was the experience like and how did it cater to your ultimate decision of becoming a music star?

Mari-Ève: I loved it! That was my first professional experience in the industry post graduation. It motivated and pushed the entrepreneur in me. I came to the realization that I didn’t want to work for CHANEL, I wanted to be like CHANEL. I wanted to run my own business and build my own universe around it. They will always be my first love and I really look forward to collaborating with them one day.

VIRALBOP: What does it mean to combine the world of music and visual arts into one sensory experience? Mari-Ève: The first time I stared at one of Damien Hirst’s spot paintings. I remember hearing different sounds in my head looking at all the different colored dots. It confirmed my creative process with my art. That’s why when I perform, I need the lights to do a certain thing at a specific part of a song for the energy to blend. When I make clothing or an art installation I do the same, I have specific sounds or melodies in my mind guiding me to create. Everything is correlated.

VIRALBOP: Why is it important for you to self produce and write your own music?

Mari-Ève: I just love doing it! I have a lot of fun. My beats set the tone for what I want to say. The realer I am, the stronger I can connect with people. Everything I create has to be a reflection of what I feel. I wouldn’t be able to sing words that I didn't write and experience. I don’t have a poker face and I would just look uncomfortable.

VIRALBOP: Tell us about your brand 3-Dimensional, a collaborative brand making clothing and accessories using technology.

Mari-Ève: 4 years ago at a concert in New York by myself, I had the idea to make a jacket to stand out. I glued huge wooden letters and spray painted the whole jacket yellow. This allowed me to express myself, stand out, connect and meet with different people. Fast forward to today, and that was the spark that became 3-Dimensional. From 3D printing to laser cutting, I use different techniques and incorporate different technology to create dimensional clothing. Collaborating with different international artists and brands allows me to continue to learn, grow, and find new mediums to express myself.

VIRALBOP: Any secret collabs you want to share with us that are set to drop anytime soon?

Mari-Ève: I don’t want to reveal too much, but damn, i'm so excited to release new music, my full project and start performing again! I’ve also been designing my first nationwide collaboration through 3-Dimensional coming out soon. Stay tuned :)

VIRALBOP: 5 goals in 2022:

Mari-Ève: 1- Stay healthy

2- Perform live at a music venue & festivals

3- Release new music and feature with artists that I love and look up to.

4- Grown and expand 3-Dimensional

5- Collaborate with Adidas

Mari-Ève sees her projects as collections, where each song is a unique piece deconstructing elements of Pop / R&B / House / Electronic and brings them together to create a truly haunting & unique sound. Her fashion prowess is unique & inventive. We thank her for taking the time out to talk to us. Give her a follow on the gram to keep up with her latest updates.


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