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Listen to Ghostluvme's "Viva"

From Grammy Award winning producer Zaytoven comes the latest mastering of sound and mix from singer, rapper, songwriter and producer Ghostluvme. He's a unique Broward County, FL artist to watch out for, super talented kid, he plays on words seamlessly meshing multiple genres to tell a very unique story.

The album is fusing a genre-bending sound of hip hop, rap and pop. Through cutting lyrics, bold cadence and a confident approach, the versatile artist is equipped to quickly climb the chart rankings of hip-hop and pop, whichever direction he ends up taking.

Viva is an explosive wave sprinkled with intimacy and a surreal "ghosty" vibe that must be a part of this upcoming superstar's aesthetic. Regardless, it works and creates for one hell of an audio experience. Follow him on instagram and keep up with his music on Spotify.


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