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Lil Pump Drops "Racks To The Ceiling" Ft. Tory Lanez

Lil Pump‘s rise to fame was certainly a polarizing one as he came up during a time where “mumble rap” was being attributed to every single new and young artist. With hits like “Gucci Gang,” Pump was able to rise to the top and while he has mostly taken a breather from music, his fans have still remained by his side. Now, Pump made his grand return with a brand new song called “Racks To The Ceiling,” which features the stylings of Tory Lanez.

With this new song, Lil Pump can be found shouting over some bombastic production that fits the vibe of Pump’s previous efforts. The artist can be heard flexing all of his wealth while offering up a refreshing flow that will bring you back to that 2017 energy. As for Tory Lanez, he offers up a solid complementary verse that adds to the overall feel of the track. Watch it below.


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