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Jake Bluez drops new single "Chrome Titz" ft. Jimmy Yitty

Jake Bluez drops another single featuring Jimmy Yitty called "Chrome Titz". This single has a bouncy summer vibe but Jimmy Yitty brings a Trippie Redd, Young Thug feel with his singing. Jake Bluez has a lot of versatility with his beats and rapping and Jimmy Yitty's vocal range is intricate. This single definitely has a potential to be a steady slap in downtown Toronto. Since Hip Hop is a culture of vision and voice. it is a global contemporary influence lapping on every shore and landing in every country. 'Chrome Titz' is in a nutshell a chest-thumping beat with rapid-fire lyrics rapped into a mic with gravity-defying dance steps, both MCs turning blank pages into canvases with larger-than-life letters and illustrations. It's safe to say 'Chrome Titz' will have no problem making every music enthusiast;s playlist.

Listen below // Art Direction by Mudasser Ali // Follow Jake Bluez & Jimmy Yitty on IG to keep up with their latest updates.


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