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DATA-X Presents: "Jiggy Boyz Worldwide"

DJ & Creative Director DATA-X is back with another playlist titled “Jiggy Boyz Worldwide”

The tagline of the playlist is “Someone Gotta Run The Sauce” and we can see that the sauce is indeed dripping, showcased in the multitude of heat-filled tracks on the mix. As always, the playlist has something for everyone, which has become a staple of DATA-X and his curational abilities. The “Worldwide” element of the playlist really comes through, as we have music from Canada, Korea, Italy, Egypt and Peru. The playlist hosts a cluster of big winners on this mix, so sit back and listen as we take a closer look.

Drake at Scotiabank Theatre on Tour with Migos & Roy Woods
Drake at Scotiabank Theatre on Tour with Migos & Roy Woods

Since the explosion of Drake in the Hip-Hop and Rap scene, and subsequently his October’s Very Own (OVO) brand becoming one of the industry’s biggest names, a plethora of Canadian talent has followed. The Jiggy Boyz Worldwide playlist gives us a window into this world, with two tracks in particular. The first is the Mad Dog Jones electronic remix of Roy Wood$ - All of You. It is fair to say that his remix brings a different perspective and sound to the Roy Wood$ hit, and if you are a fan of this we would recommend checking out the rest of Roy Wood$ and his heavy discography. The second song that recognizes the sheer talent coming out of the Canadian rap scene is the G Body track, Gangland. If you are a big Toronto rap fan, G Body is one of the hottest new artists making his mark on the city. Gangland, which features on the playlist is probably G Body’s best known tracks, it has everything a good rap track should have, good beat, great flow and liquid lyricism. Fans of Gangland will not be disappointed to hear that G Body’s new track Dickies is fresh off the production line, so get yourself a double dose of Toronto rap whilst you are at it.


Fans of classic songs being altered into modern renditions are in luck as the Jiggy Boyz Worldwide playlist gives us a flavour of the Korean producer BRLLNT. His mix of the classic Fergie track Fergilicious and Soulja Boy’s tracks which he titles the “Crank Dat Freestyle”. His remixing abilities are noteworthy, and the ability to craft an already famous piece of music into a whole new format which is rave ready is something that not many can do.

American Recording Artist A.CHAL

A key purpose of playlists is to discover and hear new music, in particular music that you may not be privy to otherwise. The Jiggy Boyz Worldwide playlist does this brilliantly, as it invites the listener to look globally when considering a selection of tracks. A.CHAL with his track “TYPE” which features on the playlist is a mix of R&B and Peruvian inspired Reggaeton which is one of the hidden surprises nestled within the twelve tracks.

Italian Rapper Ghali at the Venice Film Festival — (photo courtesy Vogue)

The Jiggy Boyz Worldwide playlist is a selection of globally inspired tracks, mixed in with some crowd favourites. From Canadian Rap to Peruvian Reaggateon, the playlist is a great microcosm of new and exciting tracks on the radar. Allowing listeners to discover new music is the aim of every playlist curator, and DATA-X has done all of us that service here.


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